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Someone like me, who doesn't eat any meat or fish. I actually get a lot of stick for being one.
Vegetarians tend to live a healthier lifestyle, no matter what people say. We generally live an extra seven years because we are not eating "meat" from places like McDonalds. There are many reasons why people become vegetarians, and it's not always because they think that eating animals is cruel. Also, it is not as restricted as quite a few people think.
Guy: So, do you wanna go to McDonalds and grab a burger?
Girl: No thanks, do you know what is actually in there? There are chicken claws and all other left over parts of chicken in there.
Guy 2: Good thing I'm a vegetarian.

Boy: You want some turkey??
Girl: No thanks.
Boy: WTF, are you one of those chicken lover vegetarians?
Girl: I am, actually *walks away*.
Boy: Hey, wait! *thinks* Ahh crap, how was I supposed to know she didn't eat meat? And I was just gonna ask her out...
by X_Natasha_X July 10, 2008

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