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well, basically we are a race of very different indivi duals...do not get us mixed up with GOTH, SCENE, PREP, PUNK or anything other than EMO, got it? we see the world as it really is, beaut iful but ruined, mainly by humanity, sorry folks, its true...we know that life is cold, dark, scary and threat ening, but we also know that love is the most important thing in the worls, whether it is friends, family or a relationship, we take relationships very seriously as we are quite possibly the worlds most lovin people. its the popular belief that evry emo is gay and/or cuts their wrists...NOT TRUE! sure, emo guys love to make out, and we sure do love to see them making out! but it doesnt necesarily mean that they are gay, although there is nothing wrong if they are (if you think so youre a homophobe) as, as i just said, we believe that love is the most important thing in life, in any way shape or form. oh, other than music of course! also, emo kids do not cut thier wrists, well ok some do but let me make myself clear IT IS NOT COMPULSARY, OK! oh, and emo kids dont have to like emo music, i do and lots of others do, but we also have a wide range of tastes, from club (not me but i know people), to punk, to hardcore, to goth etc etc etc...real emo kids are not emo coz its cool, we are emo coz we are emo!!!
thanks for listening, guys! love to you all, apart from the haters
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an emo kid is the kid sitting alone at lunch with the headphones writing poetry, sorry to be so blunt guys, we arent all like that lol
by X_Daisy_X November 23, 2005

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