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Head Coach of the Michigan State University football team since 2007. Known for his scowl, and his extreme hatred of Michigan, he has helped turn the Spartan Program around. However, his excessive hatred of Michigan, playing criminals on a regular basis, and getting his ass kicked by the big boys only makes him one of the douchiest coaches in college football.

Also, known for calling his mentor Jim Tressel, a "tragic hero" after his resignation from Ohio State.
MSU Fan: Mark Dantonio has kicked Michigan's ass since he's taken over.

MICH Fan: Bullshit, dude beat a lousy RichRod-led program, wait till he beats a good team before you start talking.

MSU Fan: Yeah so, he's 3-1 vs Michigan (through 2010).

MICH Fan: Yeah, well, he's a douche who will get put in his place when Brady Hoke is the coach.
by XYZ1000 August 04, 2011
Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan this is one of the worst places for "higher education" known to man. The campus sucks, the athletic teams are a joke, social life is non-existent, and the admission standards are so low. Essentially, anyone with a pulse can get in here. Most of the people are commuter students and there is no such thing as an Eastern Michigan fan as the University of Michigan is close in nearby Ann Arbor. Eastern SUCKS!
Person 1: "Hey man, where are you going this fall?"

Person 2: "Oh, I'm going to Eastern Michigan University."

Person 1: "I'm going to Washtenaw. It's way cheaper, and it's a hell of a lot safer"

Person 2: "Losers only go to Washtenaw."

Person 1: "Yeah, well at least I'll be able to transfer to a better school, as no one takes Eastern seriously."
by XYZ1000 August 02, 2011

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