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Airsofting is better than paintballing in every way! It has more realistic guns that aren't bright and fruity. It is actually realistic warfare, not just you peeking around a corner and letting your gun shoot 16 balls a second at a blow up barrier. Airsofting is also CHEAPER than Paintballing and at times it can also hurt more. You don't bleed from paintballing, but when you airsoft you bleed, and you bruise. I have gotten airsoft welts bigger than paintball welts and i have also bleed from my forehead all the way down to my chin. My friend broke his finger shooting at it point blank, no lie.

Paintballs=295 FPS
Airsoft=400 FPS

"Hey man wanna go airsofting?"
"Hell yeah man, except last time i went i was bleeding all over my face, now people think i have a bad case of Acne."
"Yeah man Timmy's HK416 is LETHAL!"
by XYZ?!?! February 29, 2008

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