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someone who discriminates unfairly against other races. white black,brown,hispanic, asian. Some one who doesn't know that you should judge people by the quality of their personality not their skin color
"let's put aside our differences and be friends"

"No way"


"simple...dude, listen you're a great guy who's supposed to be smart but you just don't get it...you're different"

"please don't do this"

"sorry my brother's a racist and doesn't like you so I can't either...Keep away from me"
by XTITANX June 28, 2006
people who you love and adore,even if they can be a real pain sometimes. They love and care for you too and they deserve an "I love you" every now and then because you our their little angel and the one thing that brightens up their day. It's not fair to just say you only use them for some extra cash or rent because they brought you into this world and they love you more than you'll ever know.
"I've decided to enroll at UCLA. I know I'll make it with my scores,records,and extra curricular activities."

"That's great! We'll support you every step of the way. We find a way to pay your college funds and everything if you make it. Not only that but we'll be so proud of you."

"Thanks...you're the best parents in the world"
by XTITANX June 28, 2006

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