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n. Greek synonim for sex
a nick name for a person who has a lot of sex
I will fiki-fiki you assh**e
by XRIÓôÏS April 01, 2004
Cool, nice or sweet
Thats fireball
by XRIÓôÏS April 01, 2004
A hard rock/metal band created in London outside the Astoria (before the CKY gig) by Christos Athens (drums), Dan Newcastle (Lead singer/guitar) and Joe York (groupie). The bands lyrics are mostly based on religion issues. Hit song: Fuck Judas up the ass (and make the motherfucker bleed). Their logo is a jesus bend over with a fist up his ass.
Christ Fister rule!!!!
by XRIÓôÏS April 01, 2004
A surgecally enhanced breast, usually female
That's a nice titjob babe.
by XRIÓôÏS April 01, 2004
n. Mayhem, desturction, chaos
A person that cannot do anything the right way.
Dude you're a dunn
by XRIÓôÏS April 01, 2004

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