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Hockinson is a rural area located right next to Vancouver, Washington. Middle through high schoolers often refer to it as a "hick town", although, they have never been to Ridgefield, Washington. Hockinson kids hate Hockinson as much as Vancouver kids hate Vancouver. With not a lot to do they often times circle jerk and create gossip. Parents and adults love living in Hockinson due to how close it is to the city and how peaceful it is.

Hockinson is known for it's central three way stop with the Hockinson Market on the corner and for China ditch which high schoolers race they're ricers on.
A: I hate this hick town, Hockinson Washington blows.
B: Lets walk to Vancouver.
A: It's to far, lets watch porn together instead.
B: Solid.
by XRD December 25, 2010

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