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A term to describe a douchebag-like skank. A Ke$has natural habitat is Los Angeles, California. Ke$has are swift but swerve to the side or collapse due to being drunk or stoned. They make tick tock noises and talk non-sense like blah blah blah. You will know who is a Ke$ha when u ask them "Who are you?" and they respond with "We R who we R". If a Ke$ha's identity is revealed, they will blow up and glitter will fly everywhere. Another way to identify a Ke$ha is by listening to their voice. They sound like girls most of the time, but sometimes their voices drops and they begin to sound like a guy.
Guy 1: "Hey man are you okay?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, apparently that girl I tried to hook up with was a Ke$ha... Nearly got out of there alive"
by XPired Milk May 17, 2011

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