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4 definitions by X4nd

(sounds like debacle). A great disaster or a complete failure caused by well meaning people with a first name "Jabbar".
"What a complete Jabbarcle". Used for example when a DBA Jabbar manages to drop a very important database table.
by X4nd April 30, 2009
Sounds like a cool term of endearment ("badass") to begin with until you get to "Wipe".

Actually equivalent to calling someone a skid-mark/klinker/klingon but with more flair.

Technically a "bad ass(arse) wipe" is a description of failing to effectively cleanse one's anus after a bowel evacuation.

It leaves the suffering individual with a faint whiff(smell) of excrement(shit) in the air that follows them for the rest of the day. A halo of poo if you will.
"you're a freakin' badasswipe" (shouted ironically with faux excitement).

Sometimes "wipe" will be muted or delayed to give the target of the comment the impression they have just been "bigged-up" when in reality their personal hygiene has been called into serious question.
by X4nd April 30, 2009
Crode - crummy code, crappy code. Derogatory Software Engineering term used to describe "other people's" best coding efforts.
Do I really have to use that crode in my application?". "I know you think he's good, but I wouldn't touch his crode with someone else's long stick.
by X4nd October 29, 2010
Jedlock - when someone called Jed catches you in an unexpectedly long conversation about nothing interesting and that you cannot escape. Similar to a headlock but using annoying language. You are too polite to tell them to bog-off.

Related term: "Holy Jedlock" (when you're sadly married to the git due to poor judgement or severe misfortune).
"I was just caught in a Jedlock for 10 minutes by the toilet. It was a nightmare.". "Shh. I'm just hiding here to avoid a Jedlock.. Has he gone, yet?". "Ha ha! He had you in a nasty Jedlock there! Still, at least you know a lot more about squirrels now".
by X4nd July 28, 2011