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Best fucking game ever...
My first character ended the game a level 110
by X-S~ June 27, 2004
Largest number that is actually utilized by scientists. It is 1 followed by 600 zeros
A centillion is six times that of a googol.
by X-S~ July 03, 2004
A.) An oxymoron.

B.) A Paradox

C.) A conundrum

D.) An anomaly

E.) To defy any corporeal logic

F.) Any action that goes over thev layman's head.
They don't call them 'self-hating libs' for nothing.
by X-S~ July 12, 2004
Dead and buired, with grubs consuming it's flesh.

"There is a chalk outline being drawn around common sense, and most people cannot even identify the victim."
-Dennis Miller
Lackers of common sense: liberals, teachers unions, communists, socialists, 99.8% of Hollywood, those who suscribe to the National Enquierer, the Media, 9/10ths of Junior High School children, people arrested for trespassing, 3/4ths of people on the road, the postal system, the people who's stunts actually manage to get the words "Don't put genitles in hose" on vaccum cleaners, liberal arts and philosophy majors, 100% of the government, those who dine on puffer fish, judges who actually take cases for morons who burn themselves on coffee and sue the resteraunt, the jury who accqutted OJ, those who wrapped their homes in duct-tape post 9/11, high school dropouts, people who use the rhythm method, people who attempted to masturbate with a freshly baked pie, anybody that went to see a Tom Green movie, those who order a diet coke with supersize burgers and fries, and finally, those who think John Kerry can win in November.
by X-S~ July 02, 2004
"All your base are belong to us"

I think that says it all, folks.
"all your base are belong to us"
"somebody set us up the bomb"
by X-S~ July 03, 2004
Where it's all relative...
So's Montana...
by X-S~ June 27, 2004
Advocates of free will, protecting of all rights natural or other, truest most tangible liberty and justice for all. They herald those who protect freedoms, despise those who trounce upon it, are proud of the rich, want to see the poor better themselves, see all races as equal and equally capable,
defy the institutions that dare to regulate our private lives and public opinions, and are the be-all, end-all majority of the middle class whether you know it or not.
Me, in a nutshell
by X-S~ April 06, 2004

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