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The Wyrd is the blank rune from the Nordic Rune Oracle which literally means "that which has not yet been fated".
Though many things are fated such as our past life karma and our station of birth, etc. The wyrd is the "HOPE", in the fatalistic theology of Norse and Celtic paganism and mythology. It is the one truth, that the validity of all predictions is always in the hands of those who are willing to make change. When things are wyrd there are changes afoot. Expect Thor's hammer when the fates decide on that which is wyrd. Wyrd is the root of the modern word weird.
To say "that situation was wyrd" implies that it does not fall into an expected pattern of resolution or defies more than speculation of the outcome. More simply implies "what do you make of that?". In which case it could be used to invite speculation in a veiled or passive way.
by Wyrd Karma June 04, 2009
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