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a woman who has a child and becomes a different person than she was before (often a former feminist); her conversations all revolve around toilet training, feeding schedules, and the occasional housework; so-called because there's a certain glazed look in the eyes and she appears to have been brainwashed
Dana used to be pretty cool and loved talking about politics. Since she had her baby, though, she's a total Mombie--I asked what she thought of Obama and she looked at me blankly and asked if that was a type of stroller.
by Wyntre June 30, 2009
Velvevil is a synonym for the Kraft product Velveeta cheese, generally used by those who recognize its detrimental impact on health but cannot resist the processed cheese food. Velveeta is a shelf-stable block of bright yellow cheese product with a low melting point.

Pronounced Velv/evil, to have a similar sound to Velveeta.
Ted: This dip is fabulous, Brianna! What's in it?
Brianna: Oh, some tomatoes... beans... and (mumbles)
Ted: What?
Brianna: Don't worry about it--just enjoy.

But then... Ted spies the telltale yellow brick package in the kitchen trash. He gasps.

Ted: Brianna! You used Velvevil?!
Brianna: I know I shouldn't have, but...

Ted eats another chip with dip.

Brianna: See? You cannot resist the Velvevil.
Ted: When I'm the hospital with a heart attack, visit me.

Ted proceeds to completely decimate the dip.
by Wyntre May 28, 2010
the quality of being attractive online through social interaction and text. Can be used to contrast with someone who is uncomfortable with in-person interaction or with someone who presents an unattractive picture online.
Sara was shy and awkward in person, but on Facebook, she's so cybergenic that she has over 800 friends who like all her witty posts.

Nic isn't beautiful, but she's gotten more dates through online matchmaking services than anyone I know. I think she just comes across as fun, warm, and sexy--she's completely cybergenic.
by Wyntre January 01, 2014

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