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Rage associated with the suffering of HoFIRe.

It can be inwardly or outwardly directed.

In some cases, it can be seen as another form of verbal affection towards the 'Hot Female' in question.
The severity of the rage often corresponds with the passion felt.
1/ Inwardly Directed HoFIRe Rage:
"I am such a f**king dick! Oh my god! I can't believe I just said/did/behaved like such a f**king retard in front of that girl! Now she thinks I am a complete F**kwit! Argh!"

2/ Outwardly Directed HoFIRe Rage:
Argh! YOu are so f**king hot you are driving me crazy! I walked into a f**king tree! What are you doing to my goddamn brain?!"

3/ HoFIRe Rage as a form of verbal affection:
"My GOD you are so amazingly hot I just want to tear your face off and fry it in butter with garlic and onions!"
"Your are so cute I wanna rip out your f**king voice-box and stuff it in your eye socket!"

(NOTE: HoFIRe Rage is not a threat against anyones personal safety. It is merely verbal. If you feel HoFIRe rage and it becomes physical and you end up wanting to actually harm another person, you more than likely have a mental health problem and need to seek help.)
by Wyldside27 April 26, 2011
(Hot Female Induced Retardation)

This phenomenon occurs when the brain ceases to function to its full potential in the company of a beautiful woman, often resulting in accidents, injuries, odd behavior and extreme embarrassment. In more extreme cases, it can result in police arrest or death.
1/ Man sees a gorgeous woman and in an attempt to catch her attention, he waves and walks into a tree. HoFIRe.

2/ Friend 1: "Oh my god I saw the hottest chick the other day while I was out driving! She was so gorgeous I couldn't take my eyes off her"
Friend 2: "Oh yeah, did you stop and ask her out?"
Friend 1: "Uh, no... I had a HoFIRe attack and I accidentally ran over a small child"

3/ Doctor: "What happened to your hand?"
Patient: "HoFIRe. I was in the kitchen making a smoothie for my girlfriend and she flashed me"
Doctor: "Oh, well... what's left of your hand needs to be amputated"
by Wyldside27 April 26, 2011

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