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2 definitions by Wyguy5

1. When you pick up a girl by her poon (female genitalia) and toss her as far as you can.

2. A future Olympic sport

3. Fun for the whole family
Wyatt: Hey man, I heard theres a mad poon toss going on tonight, wanna join?
Alex: Ahh sorry man, I'm really out of shape and probably would make a fool of myself
Connor: Wow, pussy.
by Wyguy5 August 04, 2012
1. A shorter, more sophisticated version of saying "yes"

2. A unit of distance
1. Connor: Dost thou care for a serving of caviar or champagne, sir?

Alex: Yargenstein.

2. I just travled 69 yargensteins
by Wyguy5 August 05, 2012