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The uber super super wife (or, uber-s00par-s00par wyfey) of citrus child, a serial rapist and glompifier, and feline lover supreme. This crazed goth can be found prowling around EVboard and DeviantArt. She enjoys singing, drawing, and writing poetry. She truly is teh secks.
Gammy: *glompify at citrus child*
citrus child: *Spanks* Hullo, baby ;D
by Wyfey C July 12, 2004
An intentional misspelling of “omg” to mock the idiots who abbreviate beyond reason. The phrase was created by citrus child, who uses it to indicate shock, happiness, dissatisfaction, and the like.
Gammy: I love you, wyfey
Citrus child: MOG!

It can also be used to describe something.

Gammy: Too much caffeine, I can’t sleep.
Citrus child: sleep is mogging lame anyways.
by Wyfey C July 12, 2004

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