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4Kids, formely known as 4Kids Entertainment is an american TV channel. From this day, they keep destroying good animes which were originally japanese, such as Shaman King, One Piece and Sonic X.
4Kids destroy these animes by censoring anything related to "adult" stuff such as cigars, alcohol, guns etc.
Now let me give you some examples of ridiculous 4Kids editing:
In the anime Sonic X, any scene showing someone who is crying, being sad or anything related to that is cut out. Yes, you heard it right, completely cut out. Sonic X contains minor swearing, like "shit", "bastard" and "damn it" (damn it is actually considered swearing according to 4Kids lol). These are completely edited out and replaced with "ugh" or some shit like that.
Their voice redubs just makes me want to cry, Amy's voice is just terrible, she sounds like some slutty teeny bopper slapping down 100$ for a pair of shitty pants at Abercrombie & Fitch.
They COMPLETELY destroyed the latest (the 3rd) season of Sonic X, "The Metarex Saga" which was meant to be sad and dramatic and filled with action, i really feel sorry for all american Sonic fans which has to watch such misery.
Talking about Shaman King and One Piece, there just isn't a word to explain how INCREDIBLY TERRIBLE 4Kids has edited these animes, it's so badly edited that i can't even explain it on here, google or YouTube these animes and you'll find a 4Kids version, compare it to the original japanese version.
4Kids = See Evil Company
by Wuzu February 12, 2012

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