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To abruptly and publicly end your association with something, usually a job or relationship. Derives from former JetBlue airline attendant Stephen Slater's flamboyant exit from the industry, when he cursed out a passenger, grabbed two beers from the galley, activated the emergency slide and exited the plane.
If that a-hole Hanrahan makes me redo that report again, I swear to God I'm going to trash this place and take the slide.

Jenny threw a fit and said I had to go with her to that lame-ass Hummel figurines convention in Tulsa again, so I just grabbed my jacket and my toaster oven and took the slide.
by Wuzee August 11, 2010
When you and a peer arrive at a work or school parking lot at about the same time and you pretend not to see them and stay in your car listening to the radio or doing some other fake busy work for no other reason than you don't want to walk in with them and have to chat awkwardly during the journey.
Sorry I'm late. I pulled in at the same time as that dumbass in shipping, so I had to do some lottering for awhile until he was inside.
by Wuzee October 20, 2009
A young, relatively fit male who signs up for beginner-level YMCA exercise classes so he can hit on the better-looking girls and MILFs in a competition-free environment. Variation of "gigolo."
Guy 1: Hey, Mason, wanna go to the park and hoop like all the other dudes our age?

Guy 2: Naw, man, I've got a water aerobics class at 7:30, and Helen might be there now that her hip is better.

Guy 1: Oh my god, you're such a fucking Y-golo.
by Wuzee August 10, 2011
A cuteish Spoonerism of "bar hopping" used in polite conversation to disguise or mitigate the fact that you went on a serious bender last night or intend to go on one tonight. In the latter instance, it also presages your likely pronunciation of "bar hopping" at about the midpoint of the crawl.
Example 1 ...

Friendly co-worker: You look like shit today, friend.
You: Yeah ... I did a bit of harbopping last night. I'll be OK by 2 o'clock, though.

Example 2 ..

Woo hoo! We iz harbopping tonight! Gonna get my drink on!
by Wuzee March 03, 2010
When someone doesn't really trust technology, so they follow up an e-mail by phoning, ostensibly to "see if you got it," but really to echo the exact contents of the e-mail, thus rendering it redundant and annoying the shit out of you.
I hate getting an e-mail from Jan, because I know there's a freaking techo on its way.
by Wuzee April 14, 2009

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