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(v.) To greet another person in an excessive manner while maintaining one's masculinity. Usually consists of a greeting (see sup) followed by various low-fives and handshakes. Often includes a thug hug.

Term originates from the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, particularly the scene where Fox's werewolf character arrives at high school and basks in his newfound popularity. As he walks down the hallway he is greeted with great enthusiasm by various jocks, stoners, valley girls and a breakdancer.
Tom must know everyone at that club, he was teenwolfed by like eight people when he arrived.
by Wulfgar January 17, 2007
Nordic peoples who make up the majority of ancestors for the English race, main features are golden hair and blue eyes. They replaced the Welsh as the dominant power in Britian. The real Master Race, not Germans.
Raj-England is populated by British people.
Ed-England belongs to Anglo-Saxons.
by Wulfgar May 14, 2008

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