19 definitions by Wu Dark

Also known as "Lewinsky"

1. Anyone thoroughly educated in human oral hygene

2. An industrial suction cup (sucking something with a lot of power) ... 'cos like, Clinton had a lot of powe... nevermind
Oh man, I'm still raw - she gave me a proper Lewinsky ...
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
Euphamism for masturbation of Japanese origin. Literally translates to "1000 strokes"
"Where's Ads"
"He's tucking in to some senzuri action whilst listening to music"
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
a chin cock; a dildo strapped to the chin and deployed using a bopping movement of the head
hey babe, get me the chindo, I'm feeling horny
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004
(usually online) image museum comprising mainly of pictures of exposed beavers
Lets take little Jimmy to the vagitarium, he loves art
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
urban alternative for the phrase "it's been a while"
"Man, I haven't seen you in ages"

"Chickenwire dude ... chickenwire"
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004
Abbreviation for sphincter
Ouch! It's really burning my sphinct
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
Something (usually putrified) that smells really terrible.
That's one seriously festant log!
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004

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