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"those collecting welfare or food stamps who still manage to
be stuck-up about their houses, food, and mostly clothes"

"they are on welfare...but they are part of the "new welfare
recipients"...they're too good for some "expired" items or inconvenient service...they're the "come to me correct" food stamp users"
"I was stuck in line at the store, yo, when this "welfare bourgeois" started arguing with the clerk about the quality of`the fresh baked bread"

"The welfare bourgeois are working the system...they get all the good stuff first...and act like they're something."
#welfare #bourgeois #poor #snobs #free #mediocre
by writah' May 07, 2008
A particularly attractive female who delivers information via television, internet, or some other widespread form.

Often times a legitimate reporter degredated to the term Info Babe because of outside appearance and seemingly inside

Used particularly by males as a derogatory means of slighting women reporters, correspondents, or newscasters. Demeaning.
"I can not believe I was watching this ball game and this Info Babe came on with breaking news about a prison break, I was like attracted to her, but didn't know if she was for real."

"Sometimes, these people on t.v. are so nice looking, i get the information confused as I'm checking out their bods,they're like Info Babes, then again I'm kinda shallow."

"I think they put the good looking people on television and I think they're Info Babes, cuz who is gonna care if a radio, or podcaster is good looking or not?"
#news #t.v. reporters #correspondents #good looking #newsworthy #front news lines
by writah' May 16, 2008
"those little dogs dressed in small, chic,designer duds"

"petite-like pooches with pampered fur, or wearing faux fur"

"a weiner dog in a delicate decorated, designer carrier, designer purse, or fashionable outfit like its owner"

"a dog with the savoir faire unlike other dogs, dressed to the nines, pampered like a person, and fed the finest food."
"Some pets these days are really so oo la la: getting all chic and stuff. They are haute dogs and they don't even know it."

"I have a friend in retail and she got a regular customer who travels, dressed in Burberry and and all her babies decked out with her.It's so much check with HER and the haute dogs sometimes, it's one big blur.

"Sometimes I think these haute dogs get prepped and powdered like babies. One day, like one's gonna escape and run into a rabid pit bull, and realize omg, I gotta face it out of the purse: in the real world!"
#little dogs #riches #money #designer #pooches #pups #fashion
by Writah' October 20, 2008
another word for "mouth"
especially when the "mouth" on the person gets out of "hand" or out of control, one must take action...
"OMG, look, just stop, SHUT YOUR YAPPER!"

"If I listen to another word, I think I'll go into a coma, come on, just close it, zip up theyapper."

"I'll count to three, and if you don't shut the yapper, I'll shut it for you!"
#big mouth #mouthy #mouth #loud mouth #babbling #lshuddup!
by writah' August 31, 2008
"The art of digging in ones ears with a finger to find something either gross, sticky, waxy or just weird...better than looking for a q-tip"

"A person able to find a q-tip, knowingly NOT supposed to stick it in ear lobes, only to dig, get wax, dig deeper and extract blood."

"To probe lobes is a a good way of doing a self exam, but bad form in front of others, somewhat like picking your nose."
"Dude, I keep on having ringing in my ears, I mean I do it, I q-tip: probe lobes and still can't stop the ringing, I think I'm making it worse."


"Could be, but I'll go in, some intern will do a onceover, probe lobes, and have a virtual light show in my ear with that spectrum, yo, what's up with that?
#diggin in ears #probing earlobes #finding ear was #digging in ear #probe lobes #finding blood and wax
by writah' May 16, 2008
"the cool ride you take lessons to drive, wear cool clothes to move on, and almost take your life away when you make an awkard move"

"it's fast, functional, and deadly"

"it's fun, wear a helmet, and expect to have insurance and fly with a wing, not to mention a prayer, because there may be precarious movement in motion and...that's all"
"Joe, thought he was the man till he popped a wheelie on his murdercycle, ended up in the air, flipping over, and slurping up concrete...at least that's what he found out when he made it through the accident"

" I love the wind in my face, hair, and looks I get on my murdercycle as I like to call it, because deep inside I know, I can drive this upwards of 100 mpgs...but on a hairpin turn, it might all be over."
#motorcycle #harley davidson #cyclists #two wheelin' #headin' down the highway
by Writah' October 15, 2008
Another word for "mouth" e.g.
especially when the "mouth" on the person gets out of "hand" or out of control, one must take immediate action
"OMG, look, just stop, SHUT YOUR YAPPER!"

"If I listen to another word, I think I'll go into a coma, come on, just zip it, zip that YAPPER or put I'll put a muzzle on it!"

"I'll count to three, and if you don't shut your YAPPER, I'll shut it for you!"
#big mouth #mouthy #mouth #loud mouth #babbling #lshuddup!
by writah' August 31, 2008
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