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3 definitions by WrenaByrd

Like puppy love, this type of love is an undying passion and love of any one person or thing in which you cannot get thinking about them out of your head because of how much you just can't live without them.
Jean has Zombie Love for Breanna because he never stops talking about how he can't live without her.
by WrenaByrd July 10, 2012
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They'd make the cutest couple in the world/ They are the cutest couple in the world.
Look at them, they are totally Riley and Jeff.
by WrenaByrd December 31, 2011
3 1
1.Dirty, kinky, masochistic sex with someone you love.


2.Masochistic sex between a human and zombie, which usually ends with one of them dead.
1. Jon and Leya had Zombie Sex by having sex and biting one another until they bled.
2. The zombie and Kat had Zombie Sex and afterwards Kat shot him in the head before he could eat her brains.
by WrenaByrd July 29, 2012
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