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Where a dumb teenager downloads a 3rd party program (known as scripting programs, hacking programs) and thinks (s)he's leet for thinking they just 'hacked' a well known game habbo. Mostly for clicking a few buttons and writing one or two words 'scripters' can change what's one this game, commonly known as scripting. Scripting is againsts the rules of Habbo as it is using 3rd party programs and most likely illigal.

Definition 2,

The actual term 'scripter' means to write codes (known as scripts) while programming (Visual Basics, Perl, C# etc.)
Def. 1,

Person) Omg! How'd you do that!
Scripter) I scripted! LOLZ!
Person) Omg reported.

Def. 2,

Programmer) Dude, whats the script to recieve things from the server?
Friend) What are you doing?
Programmer) Oh, just scripting a small program. What's the code?
by Wreckages April 18, 2006

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