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"King of Leisure" is a phrase used to describe a man whose occupation involves little or no actual work, and is more comprised of downloading entertaining content from the internet and emailing friends or relatives, or even observing the local bird culture. The phrase is derived from the history of an individual named Chuck, who was the original King of Leisure.
The King of Leisure checked his three main email addresses again that hour and responded to any new interesting messages before flipping through the stack of invoices on his desk again. Clearly this would be too much to deal with at the time so the King decided to do a little shopping at Amazon.com, after getting up for another cup of coffee. But the coffee sent him back to the restroom where he read the entire newspaper before returning to his desk. This pattern suited the King of Leisure and he would maintain it for the duration of his employment.
by Wrathgar July 01, 2006

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