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4 definitions by Wrath of the Starfish

A Sarah bear is a beautiful and wonderful creature that roams free in the land of its choosing. A Sarah-bear mostly spends its time with a Rob-dog and it’s friends. A Sarah-Bear is very much loved by its peers and they consider her to be one of the most important bear of their pack. A Sarah-bear’s diet mainly consist of people like you for breakfast and fizzy drinks to keep up her bubbly attitude.
TASClassof2009: We love Sarah-Bear
by Wrath of the Starfish August 07, 2009
62 10
A bastardisation of “this kid” a term used to describe the adornment from one party to another over logic or skill.
Ecca: Hey PeteX, look, it’s Grahams number!

PeteX: Hey Ecca, look, it’s the Ackermann function called with Grahams number for arguments!

Ecca: Dis kid
by Wrath of the Starfish August 07, 2009
19 3
A term that is used to describe the ludicrousness, foolishness, ridiculousness or absurdity of an event or person.
Mrs.Smith: I’ve your failed your assignment on the Dark Lords of the Sith, because JEDI RULE, FAG!!

1337Boi: What!! This is Chodechoosterus!!
by Wrath of the Starfish August 07, 2009
16 3
A joke that originally has the intention of being humorous, but often results in an epic fail and immense embarrasment to the 'comic'.
O_oBoi: The prize isn’t one chocolate, it's... ... ... TWO!!!1!

1337Boi: ...That’s such an Osmond thing to say -_-
by Wrath of the Starfish July 30, 2009
29 20