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Something that's a lot more likely to kill you than the terrorism that made you hysterical enough to use that name in the first place.
Bob was frantically eating his freedom fries at a McDonald's in Kearney, Nebraska so he can hurry up and leave just in case al-Qaida decides to strike that particular establishment. In the end he was taken out of the restaurant in an ambulance following a near-fatal heart attack, for which he had no medical insurance to cover the costs and couldn't declare bankruptcy because of the new bankruptcy laws passed by the Republican-dominated Congress and approved by President Bush.

He voted Republican in the next election because they told him that despite all his problems, if Democrats win they will (in cooperation with France) pay for the airfare and lodging of all foreign terrorists who want to come to America and carry out attacks, and that not even Kearney, NB would spared their mighty wrath.

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