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When an explosion of intelligence is dropped, and everyone who hears it intelligence increases dramatically.
Jason: Someone just told me that the longest word in the English dictionary is 45 letters long, and was created to be the longest word in the English language.

Taylor: They dropped an knowledge bomb.
by Worstgirl141 May 12, 2010
When someone hiccups and then releases a burp.
HICCUP-BUUURRRRPPPP. Excuse me, I just hic-burp.
by Worstgirl141 July 03, 2010
When a pregnant lady hits something with her stomach (baby) and leaves a dent in her stomach.
"Man, that pregnant teacher ran into that kid so hard, she might have a baby dent."
by Worstgirl141 May 14, 2010
When a pregnant woman has a bump in her stomach from where the baby punched her really hard.
"OWWW! That's going to leave a baby bump."
by Worstgirl141 May 14, 2010
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