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When a person performs an act similar to that of Steve Urkel.
1. "Did you see Zach knock over that bong?"

"Yeah he was straight Urkelin'"

2. "Dude that's the third time this week Zach dropped in unannounced."

"I know, kid be Urkelin'

3. "Zach built that crazy machine in his basement and now he's a super stud"

"Yep, Urkelin' again."
by WorstCaseCarnario May 02, 2011
When a girl allows you to stick it in her butt, but immediately says, it hurts too much, and makes you stop.
"Sarah let me put it in her butt last night, but she said it hurt too much and I had to stop. It wasn't butt sex, it was boo buttsex".
by WorstCaseCarnario October 30, 2011
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