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A kind of call centre job you might find yourself doing one day. Essentially, it's any job where you sit and take complaints, but don't have any authority to fix the problem or help the customer, so all you can do is sit there and sponge up all the hate and anger they're directing at the company or product. Hence, Hate Sponge.
Anna: "So I heard you're working at SOME CORPORATION now"
John: "Yeah, but I'm just a hate sponge. It sucks."
by wordsmiths July 17, 2013
to babysit for someone who is elderly.

Stems form the idea that caring for babies and the elderly require similar things- soft food, diapers, soothing talk and the occasional need to reassure them when they get fussy.
had to eldersit for Grandpa the other weekend. I fed him strained peas and carrots.
by Wordsmiths January 26, 2007
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