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When the male of the species behaves in such a lame way that it is likened to the female of the species.

The internationally recognised symbol for this is the act of holding your hands in front of your crotch with your thumbs and fore fingers touching in a triangular shape.
Rupert - Hey Luke, where's your buddy James?
Luke - Oh he's gone for a facial.
Rupert - He's such a Trouser Triangle.

Luke - James smashes his car up every time he goes anywhere. He drives like a woman.
Rupert - Yeah, he's such a Trouser Triangle.

Luke - James isn't drinking tonight, I think he's grown a vagina.
Rupert - Yeah man, you know why though...(Rupert makes the internationally recognised Trouser Triangle Symbol)
Luke - Yeah - he definately is.

Rupert - James is such a Banter Biter, I ripped into him earlier on Urban Dictionary. He got cross and he has been sulking since.
Luke - Yeah. He's a trouser Triangle.
by Wordsmith Ru February 04, 2009
The imaginary device a Spackman uses to devine time.

No real effort is ever made to ensure its accuracy, yet it's fabricated output is considered to be as reliable as actual Big Ben by the lesser spotted Spackman}

Similar to a
Caribbean Clock.
Luke: Why has James gone home? It's five minutes to five!
Rupert: He's using his Spacklock again.

Luke: James, what time is it?
James: Morning.
by Wordsmith Ru February 05, 2009
A person that gets irritated or bites really easy when banter is thrown at him.
Luke: Why are you going home so early? are you using your Spacklock? or are you heading off to get some Bum Javelin action?
James: Go kill yourself.
Luke: Oh James - you are such a Banter Biter.
by Wordsmith Ru February 05, 2009
The definition of lame banter.
Often used by the Banter Biter upon realisation that they are unable to come up with a witty or halfway intelligent retort.
Rupert: James, you're leaving this early? Are you using your Spacklock again? - Oh and nice Red Cords by the way, you Trouser Triangle.
James: Go Kill Yourself.
by Wordsmith Ru February 05, 2009
The term cords is the shortened form of Corduroy, from the french "Cord Du Roy" meaning Fabric of kings.

However, the French are renowned for their poor fashion sense, much like the Spackman, and therefore it's use in modern culture should be restricted to the following:
Nursing homes, Being buried in. (although most Kings would not even be seen dead in it.)

Corduroy is available in many colours. Generally the more bland the hue the more acceptable.(although still frowned upon in society)

Red cords are the ultimate fashion faux pas. FACT.
James: Myself is off to the races.
Rupert: James why are you wearing Red Cords? You Trouser Triangle! (whilst making the Internationally recognised Trouser Triangle symbol).
James: Go Kill Yourself
Luke: Banter Biter!
by Wordsmith Ru February 05, 2009
A fool. A Flibberdy Jibbert

A Spackman is always wrong, yet believes they are right. Always loses arguments and sulks afterwards.
Rupert - Hey Luke, why are you telling James he is wrong? What proof do you have?
Luke - Well, He's a Spackman.
Rupert - Nuff said.
by Wordsmith Ru February 03, 2009
What Lumberjacks and poor people in the early 1990's wore.

Flannel check shirt often worn over a t-shirt, with jeans and rigger boots, fake Caterpillar boots or Gola plimsoles.
Yanks call it plaid
James: Dude, your shirt is the same material as my dog's blanket. ergo that is a Dog Blanket Shirt.

Alex: I dont care what you say about my shirt, I like it personally.
Alex's boss: You didn't pay for that shit you're wearing did you?

For further examples of Dog Blanket Shirts look for Dom's Dog Blanket Shirt Calendar from the BBC Radio 1 Chris Moyles Show.
by Wordsmith Ru February 05, 2009

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