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4 definitions by Wordsmith 76

An individual, who is paid an enormous sum of money for doing absolutely nothing while fellow workers must carry his or her sorry, trifling ass.
The supervisor delegates all his reponsiblilties to his subordinates. He is just another paycheck sucker.
by Wordsmith 76 April 26, 2013
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Gollumism is the cult like worshipping of wealth in a rabid, self-serving obsession that drives plutobrats to destroy the society and the economy that gave them the opportunity to become wealthy. Gollumism is often associated with the chanting of my precious, my precious, my precious in dark, foreboding and confining spaces like our nation’s capital and corporate boardrooms.
Gollumism is starving our national economy of the shared prosperity it desperately needs to empower consumers to spend our nation back into widespread prosperity and economic stability and security.
by Wordsmith 76 March 09, 2014
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Name used to collectively describe corporate plutobrats, who are organizing to assert their sense of entitlement to oppress, exploit and enslave their fellow Americans and transform it into a political and economic alternate reality.
The Gollumists use their immense wealth to manipulate and corrupt the political process to enslave the American people. They gather in dark places and chant, "My Precious, My Precious, My precious" as they ogle a dollar bill.
by Wordsmith 76 February 15, 2014
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Ruling class of wealthy spoiled children that grew old but never grew up.
The plutobrats tried to buy the Presidential Election of 2012 and failed.
by Wordsmith 76 March 16, 2013
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