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Prounounced:- (Ig- Ninety-Nine Pah- Bay- O )

Short for the phrase "I got 99 problems and a bitch aint one."
Guy 1:Look at that girl man...

Guy 2:Dude ..IG99PABAO
by WordMasterDude May 20, 2010
A slip of paper given to an individual that does an action considered a "FAIL".
"Hey man, go to FailPasses.com and print out a Fail Pass for me, my little brother tried riding his bike across water...."
by WordMasterDude May 15, 2010
Similiar to a Fail Pass. It is basically a Fail Pass with with a blank line before the word "FAIL". The noun of an individuals failed action is written on the blank line.
"You saw that dude spill his drink!? Get a Something Fail out and write "Drink" on the blank line.

"FailPasses.com is where I go to get my Something Fails for people like you. Don't worry, you just pass at failing.

ex: _______ FAIL
by wordMasterDude May 15, 2010
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