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A person who gets unlimited pleasure out of, and can't resist the urge to jerking off a penis. If given one, they will jerk it nonstop and have to be forcibly removed. Their jerking hands' are also extremely sensitive to meat shafts, increasing their pleasure. A true Bacon Beater's hand will start doing weird hand motions (mostly twitching) when not in sexual contact
Yeah dude I saw Jackie's hand twitching like it was on a shaft too! That was at Blake's party the other night! What a Bacon Beater!
by Wookus Maximus February 02, 2011
A living legend. A guy that takes one for The Crew and sweeps ugly chicks away from their dicks and onto his own. Sacrificing his dignity like a Champ.
Oh shit! These grenades are tryin us hard man! We need to call the Grenade Sweeper in on this one.
by Wookus Maximus February 22, 2011
The long dick of the Green Bay Packers that raped the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV
Damn man, Roethlisberger tasted his own medicine! He got raped by that Greenwood baby!
by Wookus Maximus February 07, 2011

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