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the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body
by Wookiee June 24, 2003
(P)sycho (O)ps (F)riday (S)yndrome. The after effects of a user that has come in to contact with POF. Symptoms include curling up in the fetal position and weeping quietly to yourself while mumbling 'I'll show them, I'll show them all'.
-- You have been kicked from #php by Dana (welcome to #php! Today is POF and this is what you get.. :D)
by Wookiee March 18, 2005
one that favors or supports a republican form of government
by Wookiee June 24, 2003
A Tall Ogreous Person with the mentality of hurtin things, and ripping arms of with bare hands. A Lanky individual that apparently to some, can't be a Jedi....Thanks Brykon.

Corectly spelled wookiee
Damn wookiee put the bitch down, oh shit he ate her.
by Wookiee April 24, 2004
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