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3 definitions by Woodysunltd

To intimidate someone via a text message. This is usually utilized by people with no balls to intimidate in person.
That guy is a pussy, he can't intimidate in person, he using intextidation to try to scare me.
by Woodysunltd April 18, 2009
1 0
Someone who is able to throw the blame for a fart to another person who is nearby.
Dude, did you fart, or is there a fartriloquist in the room?
by Woodysunltd March 29, 2009
3 3
A family this all in dis-array. Another way of saying dis-functional family.
I don't know how you turned out so level headed seeing as you came from a serious discombobufamily.
by Woodysunltd March 29, 2009
2 3