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When you are having sex in the back of your car and she loses control and shits on your car seat. In the morning you look at your rear seat and there is a brown surprise awaiting.

This actually has happened to me 2 times, once in my parents car and my Father found it and once in my own car.
My old man could not work out where the poo came from..
Last night i was fucking sally in the back of the car and when I looked at the rear car seat i noticed that she left me a backseat surprise.

Or Whats that brown stuff on the rear seat? I am not lending you my car ever again!

There's poo on the car seat, honey can you check the kids shoes?
by Woody woodPecker August 10, 2012
This is a word used in the 1970's in Australia. It means a person who is very proficient at being a cunt. A person skilled in the art of being a cunt. Like a full time cunt without hesitation just to be a cunt.
That is the second pocket knife the teacher has taken from me! What a cunt artist!

I hate Barry, he just fucks every ones girlfriend behind their boyfriends back! What a fucking cunt artist!
by Woody woodPecker August 10, 2012
When you hock up a snot ball, spit it between her tits, and slam your bits between her tits til you lose your load.
"Oh man i totally did a boob gate to some chick last night she loved it."
by Woody Woodpecker April 18, 2008

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