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2 definitions by Woody Senior

Stignal – A group of hockey players that in unison point their sticks or raise their arms in the direction of the puck that has been shot directly over the glass by an opposing player in the opponent’s end of the rink to indicate a “Delay of Game” penalty should be called by the referee.
A stignal by all of the home team’s players on the ice alerted the referee that a “Delay of Game” penalty should be called on the visiting team’s defenceman after he shot the puck directly over the glass in his own end of the rink.
by Woody Senior June 20, 2014
A hockey player's brief upward glance at the score clock from the ice or once they have returned to the bench after scoring a goal.
The television cameras captured the player's quick scaze of the score clock after scoring their first goal of the game.
by Woody Senior November 14, 2010