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Using the physical attractiveness of a girl’s mom to predict how attractive she'll be when she gets older.
"Dude, Angie looks pretty hot now, but I saw her shopping with her parents at the mall and she totally flunks the Mom Test. "

"Kevin’s freaking out because he just found out his girlfriend’s Mom weighs like 280 pounds. That girl flunks the Mom Test big time."

"Wow, Charlotte’s mom is a total MILF! That girl totally passes the Mom Test with flying colors!"
by Woody Rollins October 26, 2009
The streams of ejaculate left on a person’s face (or other body part) by a male partner.
1. Yeah, I’m a give her some mean nasty noodles.

2. Damn, look at that guy spew nasty noodles all over that girls face.

3. C’mere baby, I got some nasty noodles for ya.
by Woody Rollins September 06, 2009
The behavior and attitudes exhibited by victims of financial subjugation, causing then to identify with and even defend their oppressors.
Q: Hey, what's up with Matt? His Dad is on social security, his mom got laid off, his sister's kids get free school lunches, he collects federal financial aid for college, and he only makes minimum wage working at Walmarts. Yet he keeps talking about how we need to cut taxes for the wealthy and quit spending so much on social programs.
A: Yeah, he thinks he's going to be a millionaire soon. He's got Economic Stockholm Syndrome.
by Woody Rollins August 22, 2011

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