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A term used to describe an individual boning a member of the P-clan aka PATclan. In small Southern towns this can also refer to members of the p-clan's immediate family.

It is important to note that clan diggers should go the lights out, beer goggles, and double bag when jamming a member of the p-clan. If not possible then a cap in the dome piece will help.
Man, Brian just laid some PAT pipe ... what a clan digger.
by woody johnson November 27, 2006
A term used to describe a female that has a basic body shape resembling a chicken. Attributes include very skinny legs, a very large ass and large lower abdomen, an arched back, and large breasts. In some rare occasions this particular species of female may have a fur patch on the lower back.
Brian saw an opportunity to glaze the chicken. He must be insane ... he went back the next night for more ... chicken again.
by woody johnson November 29, 2006
1. A term used to describe the gas produced while giving a hot beef injection to chicken again. The gas can originate as a fart but most commonly is a result of a queef.
2. Can also refer to gas in general (fart or queef) from chicken again without any sexual connotation.
Damn, Brian just took a nose hit of chicken biscuit when he was glazing the chicken again.
by Woody Johnson December 06, 2006
A phrase used to specify a cross-gender individual. A person possessing traits of both male and female … making it difficult to determine their gender. Originally made famous from a skit on SNL called, "Pat".
Damn! What the hell? ...is that a man or a woman. No! That's a Pat.
by Woody Johnson November 22, 2006
A term usually expressed when having sex with a "dog ugly" member of the opposite sex. Could also be used when slapping uglies with a PAT. “Lights out” is normally substituted for a lack of beer goggles.
Brian had to go "lights out" when he tagged PAT.
by Woody Johnson November 22, 2006
An excuse for missing work. Normally associated with having sex with a gay man named snow.
Brian is taking a "snow day".
by Woody Johnson November 20, 2006

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