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One who is always fucking around and not giving a shit. OG Fuckboys have the reputation of being little shits that are always up to no good. They rage a lot and get the most pussy. They also lack a vulgarity filter when speaking. "Fuck" is used in almost every other sentence when OG Fuckboys are conversing among themselves. OG OG Fuckboys originated at a small private ski club in Wisconsin, but the OG Fuckboy influence has since expanded to areas throughout the US and Canada.
Dude: "I don't have to even hear or see you guys, I just know you're being fuckboys"

OG Fuckboys: "Haha yeah, fuck off"
by Woodrow Martinez March 24, 2013
A guy with a dick so powerful it is said to have come from a different galaxy.
Damn, now I understand why everyone calls Ben "Galactico Dick".
by Woodrow Martinez May 21, 2015
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