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Unclean ass sex. When having anal sex and you pull out , you have a piece of corn on your dick.
I was getting my girl in the backdoor and she gave me an ethanol.
by Woodbilly June 19, 2009
An anus that is extremely tight and grips any object inserted into it.
My mistresses ass is sphinctacular compared to my wife's gape.
by Woodbilly July 17, 2012
A white pus like discharge that eminates from a large person's ass crack.
My ex wife was so fat, she could scoop a pound of taint cheese from her inner thighs.
by Woodbilly June 09, 2011
Any KISS album, in which their music sounds like disco crap!
The Dynasty album is a good example of KISSCO
by Woodbilly April 23, 2011
When tossing salad, your mate rips loose a fart.
While licking my girl's taint, she hit me with a canary killer, right in the mouth.
by Woodbilly June 09, 2011
The act of having anal sex after church or any time on Sunday.
After church, my old lady LOVES Sundanal, in order to have something to repent about next week.
by Woodbilly September 22, 2013
A time when a man's chemical balance becomes shifted and he has a breakdown and/or becomes an asshole. Symptoms include- Irritability, mood swings, thoughts of suicide, depression, over sensitivity, paranoia, and feelings of helplessness.
When Mike turned 50, his manopause kicked in and he bought a Corvette and then drove it off a cliff.
by Woodbilly April 23, 2011

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