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When a guy fucks a girl while she is on her period, than uses her kooter blood as lube while he butt fucks her right after!...When the blood dries on her ass hole afterward it's supposed to look like a rusty bucket.
Guy 1- So you gonna toss your girls salad tonight?

Guy 2- Probably not man... Shes on the "big dot".

Guy 1- So, just give her the old rusty bucket. It's so sickass!

Guy 2- Thanks for the idea... ima have to do that!
by Wood9412 February 13, 2009
A person that exhibits the qualities of both a Douchbag/Docher and a queer/fag simultaneously!!!
Wow, that pussbag, wannabe emo just tried to fight me...What a douchefag!
by wood9412 February 13, 2009
When one person lets there asshole get all disgusting and dirty, then another has butt sex with them (usually done messy)!
1) Dirt Biki- My ass feels so gross, but it will be worth it tonight when I get dirt biked!

2) Dirt Biker- Man I can't wait to go dirt biking tonight.

(friend) -Wow, thats pretty sick.
by Wood9412 February 13, 2009

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