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4 definitions by Wood Dawger

(Prison/Jail Term) Any person who is mentally unstable or requires psyche drugs to maintain.
That fool over there talking to himself, walking like a chicken is a J Cat.
by Wood Dawger October 02, 2005
Metro PCS. A cell phone service provider in the Bay Area used by drug dealers and rappers. You dont need ID or credit to purchase and subscribe to Metro PCS, only cash. This is a deterant to law enforcement.
Call me on my Metro if you still want those kilos homeboy.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005
(noun) A top notch hoe. Above average looking female.
Damn your sister is top notch.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005
A Top Notch Hoe. An attractive female.
Im trying to peep game with these thow wows.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005