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NBA power forward for the Denver Nuggets. Was the 3rd overall pick in the NBA Draft, which also boasted such stars as now-teammates Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. He is often just referred to as "Melo" by fans and sportscasters. Melo is consistently one of the top scorers in the league, usually averaging around 28 points per game.

In an incident which landed him with a 15 game suspension, Carmelo sucker-punched Mardy Collins of the New York Knicks after then-coach Isiah Thomas encouraged his team to foul hard due to his perception of the Denver Nuggets running up the score late in the game. Because of the suspension, Denver traded for guard Allen Iverson, and then subsequently had two of the highest scorers in the league on one team. The move ultimately did not work out and resulted in the trade of Iverson for Chauncy Billups.

Melo was then seen in the league as a bully and a thug, furthering the thuggish bad boy image of the Denver Nuggets.

He is on Team Jordan where he has numerous shoe and clothing lines. He also won a national championship at Syracuse University his freshman year, which has lead many to believe he has the ability to do the same on the professional stage.
Carmelo Anthony is one bad mo fo.
by Woobers July 23, 2010
A professional basketball team in the NBA. Known as probably the most stereotypical black team with "thugs" such as Carmelo and K-Mart. Renaldo Balkman is by far the most laid back, chill player on the team, and may sell weed, along with other drugs to various members of the team.

The Nuggets are also known for their array and collection of colorful tattoos. Majority of the team is covered with tats, and those who aren't are generally looked down upon and forced to be various team member's bitches.

Head coach George Karl has one of the most unique and mystifying modern-day slave-driving relationships with the team, somehow relating to black, thug, 20-something year olds, while he himself is an almost-60 year old white male. Behind doors he cracks his whip on players like Chris "Birdman" Andersen, and hates him for disrespecting what the white man gave him by covering himself in ink and trying to hang out with the thugs of the team. Much like battered wife syndrome though, the players have come to love Karl, and Karl loves the money they make him.
The Denver Nuggets are in playoff contention every year, and they are consistently the only challenge to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference.

George Karl: "Come on now boys, make me that money!"
by Woobers April 13, 2010
when a girls nipples are the size of the click-wheel on an older generation ipod.
"Oh man, Beth has some big titts, I've never noticed that before."

"Yeah, but I'm sure she has ipod nipples..."

"I'd still like to scroll through her songs."
by Woobers June 09, 2009
fatty tobacco dips straight to the lower jaw.
John: What are you doing after football practice?

Drew: Just takin' some lippers to the dome.
by Woobers September 25, 2008
A more politically correct term for the phrase douche bag. Nearly the same in meaning, the term doober can refer to someone that is a douche bag, but that you feel more inclined to be nicer to. For example, someone you see on a regular basis - like a neighbor - that you wouldn't want to be on awful terms with, and is a bit goofy, but in a bad way.

The term doober also is a slight variation of the word goober which pretty much gives a self-explanatory mental image of someone automatically fitting this profile.
Sarah: "Man that kid that just left the party was a fucking asshole weirdo creep."

Drew: "Yeah, sorry he scared you. I had to invite him since he lives down the street. He's a bit of a doober."
by Woobers June 04, 2010

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