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1. the zip on ur jeans that keeps the slodier in his tank
2. meaning sexy hot genarally nice person
3. an anoying bug
1. ur flying low
2. pretty fly for a white guy
3 shit i swollowed a fly
by wonder woman February 09, 2004
Kick ass super hero who was played by Linda Carter in the 70's. She has an invisible jet and lasso of truth. She Kicks ass.
Wow, look at wonder woman go!
by Wonder Woman February 29, 2004
1- a really really small penis
2 - a small penis usually owned by a person hated by everyone person
yo. tay.. spencer has a chinish dick, when he took a piss he pissed on his balls.
2 - I cant give David a hand job with a chinish penis!
3- Dude.. i think i have a chinsh penis.
dude why are u telling me this.!
by wonder woman February 14, 2005
a thick scottish soup
a big steaming plate of stovies
by wonder woman February 17, 2005
a medevil kick ass murdering bastered
ill kill u motherfucker
by wonder woman February 17, 2005
a mong is short for a mongol not the people native to mongolia but the people who are native to the dustbin these people are annoyingly stupid
tony"my brother matt is such a mong"
tony"he put lettuce in his ear"

sam"my book is mongified i dropped acid on it in science"
tony" omg there is only half of it!"
by wonder woman February 09, 2004
someone who is homosexual this is because they whistle to the soldier
harry is such a whistler he keeps asking me to watch titanic
by wonder woman February 09, 2004

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