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6 definitions by Wonaldo

Very rare skills. Not just skills to pay the bills, skills to pwn the bills. I knew this kid called Josh who had them and he once wrestled a dead alligator.
Me: (tunefully) I got the skills, I got the skills to pwn the bills.
Onlooker: What a very peculiar young man. (Calls to wife) Marion, come over here and hit this young man with your broom!
Marion: *totally pwns me*
by Wonaldo April 21, 2008
1. To go fishing inside a cunt. The best bait to use is turgid worms of various sizes (but you personally only have one size, unless you're yet to finish puberty, then you might have different sizes at different times, but only one size at one time).

2. A fish that lives in a cunt. These are mostly seen in women of the Amazon basin, and are similar to piranhas, but they don't eat the person whose cunt they reside in. Their food of choice is turgid worms. Men of the Amazon basin have the highest incidence of stump cock in the world.
1. Person A: Dude, you wanna go and paint my house for me?
Person B: No thanks, dude, I choose to go and cunt fish.

2. Sir David Attenborough: The cunt fish is native to women of the Amazon basin, noted for its sharp teeth, scaly appearance, and French accent.
by Wonaldo April 18, 2008
When you're preparing your Thanksgiving pimp, the pimp giblets are the things you have to pull out so you can put your stuffings in.
1. "Princely Pimps: now giblet-free!"

2. "Did you really get all those pimp giblets out of that tiny little pimp?"

3. We feed the pimp giblets to the dogs.
by Wonaldo April 17, 2008
An expression of agreement used by no one, ever.
Hypothetical tale of usage:
Batman: Robin, they've got us surrounded. I'll cause a distraction, then you escape and find BatGirl to rescue us.
Robin: totalz.
by Wonaldo April 22, 2008
To procrastinate while doing something a Rastafarian might do: smoke a blunt, get dreadlocks, play reggae music, smoke a blunt, smoke a blunt, move to Ethiopia, hail Jah, smoke a blunt, etc.
Me: Holy french fries, this assignment sucks.
Random idiot: Whatever shall you do about it?
Me: Prorastanate *moves to Ethiopia*
by Wonaldo April 22, 2008
1. A suicide box is a cunt that you fall into, can't find your way out of, so you have to kill yourself.

2. (rare) A cunt that's so beautiful that when you look upon it you kill yourself. Stupid people kill themselves before they fuck said cunt.
1. So this is my life. Trapped in a suicide box. *Breaks own neck*

2. Yo, dat be a suicide box, y'all. *Breaks own neck*
by Wonaldo April 18, 2008