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What Is In It For You
(in an online game)
Looking for gangmembers
- active
- loyal
- lvl 10+

- weekly payout from gang profits
- occasional donator packs
- weapons and assistance with housing
by Wollongong May 11, 2006
Originally: Great African Research Project
A project undertaken in a particular online game, aimed at improving game-performance, the Great African Research Project started by Wollongong was soon abbreviated to garp. This word soon became a common word, with many uses. It could be used instead of n00b, to express surprise, or in any instance where the speaker does not really know what to say.
1: Man, you are such a garp.

A: So how much did you pay for that thing?
B: $ 2599,99
by Wollongong August 05, 2006
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