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When someone says this word, it's a sign of seeing too much of The Simpsons.

Or it can mean 'Woah!'.
Fritz: "Aye-curumba!"
Jan: "You like The Simpsons, don't you?"
Fritz: "How the dang shit did you know?!"

Jan: *Sees her trainer stuck to a firework* "Aye-curumba! How'd me trainer get there?!"
by Wolfy 'Wolfgang' Watkins June 24, 2006
People who hate kissing and other yucky stuff. People who are love-haters (or sop-haters) will probably think that most things to do with it is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.
Wolfy (me): Yak! Can't anyone have respect for love-haters like me?
by Wolfy 'Wolfgang' Watkins June 24, 2006

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