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From cute, something adorable and fluffy. Often used to refer to puppies and similarly kyoot objects.
Awww, that kitten is sooo kyoot!!

Omg! That's so kyoot!!
by wolfie November 14, 2004
...an original, living in The Big Woods...
...not related to any Pretenders or Namesakes, past present or future...
...humanoid, but distinctively instinctively Canis Lupus...
...lives with dogs...
...is very sneaky...
...not to be messed with, or taken lightly...
....where is wolfie?
by wolfie January 11, 2005
Certain flavor of salad dressing, especially popular on Ethiopian cuisine.
Hey, woman, pass me that good ol' Mndee Kulaga, yeah, you know the stuff!
by Wolfie December 02, 2004
S.O.D.D.E.N - stands for the Society Of Differing Dimensioning Evil Nerds. They are a group of nerds watching a bzillion monitors in a different dimension where they can see every MSN convo. That's why it says 'never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation' - SODDEN will be watching. To them, MSN convos are like a never-ending soap.
Dani: I just broke up with Danny over MSN
Laura: OMG, SODDEN will be crying their eyes out.
by Wolfie October 20, 2003
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