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someone who makes a lot of facebook wall posts just so that a lot of people will post on their wall back, therefore giving the illusion that they have friends
Wolfgang: Megan you are such a wall whore, you posted on like two dozen peoples walls today and all you said was "hey whats up."
Megan: Oh, ok. What is the DEHHHHT today?
by Wolfgang Klein November 18, 2006
One of the most homoerotic sexual positions you can think of. Two men (preferably fat and greasy) 69 eachother while a third man on top is giving the man in the middle (the meat) a rim-job.
A man sandwhich can also refer to anything really really gay. This can include homo-sex, getting arrested, guys gone wild, etc.
Wolfgang: OK, so I went to Wendy's and I ordered a double decker cheeseburger. But that dumbshit, Biersmith, got my order wrong, and they ended giving me a man sandwhich. So I took the Jew-van around the drive-thru a second time and I threw it at Biersmith. He got man-sandwhich grease all over him!
by Wolfgang Klein November 05, 2006
some girl who slut-gutters a lot of guys. for a girl to slut-gutter a guy means for really slutty girl to take a guy into a shady area such as gutters, alleys, and friend's beds and rapes them
Camma is such a gutterslut. Did you hear? She slut-guttered like 15 guys at the same time three days ago.
by Wolfgang Klein September 17, 2006
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