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device invented to hide our thoughts
example: ".....?" - "....!"
by wolfgang May 13, 2004
Literally means "you have". The whole thing is "you have me wondered and I have not said". The English version was changed because German grammer is so different from English. In german most past tense words require have before the subject.
by wolfgang May 25, 2003
To get your friends to work for you, and pay them only in food.
I pulled a wolfgang, and got that programer to write this great database!
by Wolfgang October 18, 2004
Street word for "kain, tulog at gala" eat,sleep and go places.
By-standers that don't go to school or people that do not have job. They just wait for the sun to come up and go down.
by Wolfgang November 03, 2003
Self-proclaimed camp 'comedian' whose idea of fun is insulting the people on the first row. Irritating to watch.

Synonyms 'irritating British comedians': Lee Evans (hyperkinetic), Johnny Vegas (drunk)

Antonym: Paul O'Grady/Lily Savage (funny camp)
I didn't brake when I hit Julian Clary. Now *that* was funny.
by Wolfgang March 01, 2005

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